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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Toowoomba Revisited

You may remember Toowoomba from the disastrous 'inland tsunami' back in January but I am happy to report that the roads leading to the city have now been repaired and it is still THE shopping destination for all lovers of French Style in South East Queensland.

I first blogged about the beautiful French Allure store a few months ago and was happy to revisit the shop yesterday to catch up with the lovely Jo Mills.

Of course I wouldn't be a good friend if I didn't share with you. Enjoy.

Blues. I love seeing our hand-printed wares in beautiful spaces like this. Even more exciting for me was that a customer walked in and bought our Lyssy May tote bag (hanging from the ladder) while I was there.

Reds. Yes, more Thea & Sami homewares (my blog, remember?)


Pinks including yummy goodies direct from Provence.

Black and White featuring Thea & Sami organic linen cushions.

Complete bedroom solutions.

Don't ask me how but somehow Jo finds the time to paint her masterpieces as well as manage the store and raise 3 teenagers.

Decorating books.

And lots more goodies to feather your nest. French Allure now has a website so please visit for more information.

New Thea & Sami products will be available in store soon including napkins and tablecloths.

Oh and when you visit, do have lunch just up the road at Wendland Olives Fine Foods. Voyt and I did and it was excellent. Thanks to Jo for the recommendation.

Do let m
e know if you visit.


Jenny said...

Thanks for the tips Thea, I will pay them a visit on my next treck to Toowoomba. ;-)

Mimi said...

I have never been to Toowomba Thea, I must go there! Your fabrics are just beautiful. Mimi x

theoldboathouse said...

I can't wait to visit. I don't know if I mentioned but my Mum's best friend lives on the corner diagonally opposite. It is such a beautiful shop!! Toowoomba is a wonderful place.

gaby@stilelemente said...

So good to hear that things are getting back to normal up that way. What a lovely shop, filled with delicious things and your products do look great in that setting :)

Anna Bartlett said...

I was given a French Allure Gift Voucher for my birthday, and then saw Jo at a school meeting, so next time I don't have kids in the car, I'll definitely be dropping in. Looks wonderful!

PJ said...

well i DO live in Toowoomba and did not know about this shop! Must visit!

Creative Arty Facts said...

What a gorgeous little shop Thea - thx for sharing! It's now on my "must do" list!

Meg and Mum's said...

Ooooh I'd love to have a squizz in that shop. If I'm ever up that way I'll definitely pop in. That would have felt great having someone go in and buy something of yours while you were there :)

Pesky Cat Designs said...

Now I know I just must have a spoons and fork tea towel! And did I see one with a butterfly as well?! Your work is so lovely and displayed so beautifully I want it all!

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