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Friday, 7 October 2011

Blue Wren Cushion

Yesterday was a terrible day for screen-printing. The damp weather meant that inks just didn't want to dry. Napkins put through the textile dryer were still coming out wet. And I couldn't take any product photos because my studio is too dark without the sunlight coming in through the skylights. So frustrating!

Now would be a good time to share my new cushion acquisition with you. The Blue Wren parlour cushion by Shiny Happy Art is so sweet and I thought that I better hurry up and buy one as it was a limited edition of only 16.

It will complement my cross-stitched Robin cushion. You can never have enough cushions, right? Once the living room painting and curtains are done, I will choose some from our own range too.

If you think you're pretty special at wrapping your mail orders, then what do you think of this? It's the envelope that contained the wren cushion. That Anna Barlett is such a show-off. Yes, you can draw AB!

You can never have enough book marks either, I say. Thanks Anna!


A Christy Production said...

I don't even LIKE bird decor, and I WANT that wren cushion haha. It's so lovely!

Tina said...

WOW... your new wren cushion is divine, Thea!! They are my favourite bird. You lucky lady!! Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend ~ xx

Anna Bartlett said...

Oh Thea - I started drawing on envelopes (because I can't bear sending a blank one) and now I've got a bit of a reputation for it (and I'd hate to let people down!). One day I'll carve my own stamp or something, but until then, every envelope I send is decorated and that's all there is to it. So glad you love your little blue wren and looking forward to seeing him in-situ.

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