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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Aqualicious in the Press

I'm loving the new Queensland Homes Summer issue and our Fretwork Lampshade in Aqualicious has been featured on Page 38.

I'm thoroughly amused by seeing a word that I made up (aqualicious) in print.

Speaking of lampshades, we've sent out quite a few lately so do keep in mind that we can have them custom-made for you in any size or shape (even rectangular) from any of our hand-printed fabrics.

Bedside Lamps in French Checks.

Fretwork lampshade in Blue Marine.

Order your lampshades directly from our on-line store. Some styles may be in stock.


Tiff said...

Congrats on being reatured! Those lampshades are gorgeous! X

Tiff said...

That would be congrats on being FEATURED not reatured!!!x

Jo McComiskey said...

Beautiful lamp shades Thea.
Have you had other editorial in national lifestyle magazines?

Jo McComiskey

Calico Child said...

Ooh I love the lamp shades Thea & well done being featured in the mag :)))

Anonymous said...

'Aqualicious' - love it! And love the coverage on you in the current issue of Home Beautiful! Tahn x

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