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Friday, 9 December 2011

My Living Room Art

It's amazing how a little wall art can make a room that much prettier. I'm so pleased to finally have some on my living room walls.

My art rule is that everything has to be vintage or hand-made in some way and local is very good. Bird cushion is by Anna Bartlett over at Shiny Happy Art.

Mmm, I never meant to have so many birds in my collection but it has somehow evolved that way. Art work includes vintage needlepoints purchased from Etsy and the piece (on right) purchased from Mondo Cherry.

Look Kerri, I finally have your artwork framed and hung! I had to photograph the prints from this angle to avoid too much glass reflection.

I also like Kerri's art framed here in floating frames which I didn't know existed until now. This photo is from Home Beautiful where it's been featured this month. Visit Driftwood Interiors to see more of Kerri's work.

Decorating doesn't seem so overwhelming if you just do a little at at time.


Kerri said...

You've done a fantastic job Thea, it looks great! Thanks for the mention, and I'm so glad you like your prints. Actually, you've given me the kick in the pants I need to get my own art wall hung.....totally pathetic that I have them all here ready to go and still not done :) K xx

Calico Child said...

Oh I can just see you sat there relaxing with a cup of tea :) enjoy your new space with lovely frames & cushion x

mondocherry said...

What a lovely corner! Our bird artwork looks right at home with your other gorgeous finds.
Clare x

Julian Blasco | sofas piel said...

Perfect combination of colors, I like the idea and I think I will put in my house. congrats

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