Monday 13 September 2010

Oh Là Là Toowoomba

Do you fancy a drive to the countryside? If you're heading to Toowoomba for the Carnival of Flowers, then you must take time to visit French Allure, a gorgeous new store that specialises in modern French Style decor.

The lovely store owner, Jo Mills, has a background in Interior Design (can you tell?) and has set up each room to look like every Francophile's dream space.

The store sells everything from furniture, soft furnishings, homewares and stylish gifts. I'm proud to announce that they will also be stocking the full range of Thea & Sami hand-printed wares.

What a talent! This beautiful painting is also the work of Jo Mills and was for sale in French Allure when I visited (not sure if it's still available).

Where is it, I hear you ask? You will want to stop at Shop 1, 136 Bridge Street.

Fresh and Modern.

You probably can't read what is written on the mirror, in lipstick no less, but it says "Je voudrais aller à Paris" which translates to "I want to go to Paris". Oui, me too!

The Carnival of Flowers runs between 17 and 26 September, 2010. You may check out the full programme of events here.

All images are taken by me (Thea) except for floral image, which is courtesy of The Chronicle.


the old boathouse said...

Hi Thea, I LOVE may be the fact that I was born in Crows Nest which ironically is now a great Antiques destination..This shop looks amazing and how exciting they are stocking your range, cheers Katherine

Sandrine said...

Oh la la très joli!!Oui moi aussi!!:)
Maybe I will go to Towoomba in the mean time :)Congrats thea for a new beautiful stockist!xx

Kasia said...

What a sight for my sore eyes! Thank you for putting it up photos from that gorgeous store. Im gonna check out once again the one with the lipstick writing I want to go to Paris! Mayb if i stare at it long enough, it'll happen!
Love xxx kasia said...

Hi Thea, it has been awhile since I have been "up the mountain" but I always loved Toowoomba.

Jenny said...

Well I will definitely check it out next visit! ;-)

Life in the Country Lane said...

How exciting for you Thea! A gorgeous shop stocking quality homewares - wish I was closer.
Rebecca x

Pesky Cat Designs said...

What a beautiful shop! I just love the look of all the rooms. Cozy and elegant.

Ange said...

I haven't been to Towoomba yet but now I have a good reason to pay a visit. Plus, I am really missing all the spring bulbs and colourful flowers so should go there to get a fix.

Digella said...

We have just bought a little church to reno outside of Toowoomba and I can not wait to get up there to get into all those lovely stores.

I also have heard and ready some great things about this shop

Shop 4 "Abbie Lane"
10522 New England Highway
Highfields Qld 4352

Digella said...

Oh this is the Church blog up near Toowoomba

mondocherry said...

Thanks for the tip on what looks like a fabulous shop. I seldom drive up to Toowoomba (think it is the old fear of car sickness on all those bends) but I would love to try to get up for the Carnival of Flowers.
Clare x

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