Monday, 10 October 2011

The Last Workshop

As you know, Saturday was my last screen-printing workshop. It was timely with dwindling numbers of late. However, after teaching for just over 4 years, I am looking forward to concentrating on new and exciting things. Thank you to the two lovely ladies who did come along.

I never tire of overlapping prints in pretty colours. Butterflies print by Selina Zwolsman.

This is Selina blow-drying her many insect screen-prints.

Jenny Gilshenan travelled all the way from Hervey Bay for the class and was pleased to put these lovely shapes into print; she had been doodling them for years. Do you doodle the same thing over and over? I know that I do.

Here's Jenny with variations on her screen-printed design.

If you do want to learn how to screen-print next year, I will consider teaching if you organise your own group of 5-6 people. Contact me for more information.

I have to finish painting my living room today because it's Project Monday. I can see the end in sight!


Jane said...

Oh Thea, I wish you'd do a workshop in Hobart! I could guarantee more than two participants ☺. J x

Mimi said...

Thea, the girls have created amazing prints. Mimi xx

Naturally Carol said...

Looks like those designs are the result of a great deal of thought and planning! Wonderful designs and work, they've turned out really well.

Tiff said...

What gorgeous prints! If only I didn't work full time and have my weekends taken up by my kids.... For now I will just have to enjoy seeing what you are creating! X

Trish Goodfield said...

Thea, that is exactly how I run workshops from the shop now. It works well, you can negotiate dates and what each group wants to cover. I also found a new audience, social groups, parties etc.

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