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Saturday, 26 June 2010

I Love Orange

I must love orange more than I ever realised. Looking around my new house, it's everywhere and has been dominating our fabric prints.

Allow me to share the orange love with you.

My collection of vintage ceramic vases. I only buy orange ones and they must be in perfect condition.

How beautiful are these textures?

More ceramics. I had previously blogged about the plate here and the owl here.

Another great op shop find; read the details here.

A vintage tablecloth purchased from eBay a few years ago. It had never been used but the fibres must have weakened over time as small holes and fraying occured after the first laundering.

Orange tones dominate this Cuban painting purchased on holiday in 2001. The scene depicts workers on a tobacco farm.

Citrus shades from my colour diary. See previous pages here and here.

Our Cottage Garden print in a lovely Marigold colour. It's just one of our hand-printed eco fabrics printed in a orange tone. See others here.

Is there a colour that has sneaked up on you?


Michelle said...

Gorgeous photos of such a delicious colour!!! Your collection of vases is fantastic. From another orange fan!!

Creative Arty Facts said...

I've been on a bit or an "orange" kick too of late. It seems all my inspiration sits in this part of the colour wheel. Love the vintage ceramic collection, closely followed by the Marigolds!

brismod said...

I love it. Orange is so striking in those ceramic vases. They would look great on your mid century sideboard.xx

Thea said...

Hee, hee, that's exactly where they are!

Anonymous said...

I Love orange too -happy bright colour, perfect for sunny Qld

Little Jane St said...

mmm.... so much orange-y goodness!
Nice collection!

Nat said...

I agree with you about the orange - it looks fantastic. And I also love the same retro/vintage style vases in green - so 70s!

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