Friday, 7 January 2011

Be Linen - The Movie

I love linen! I love French films! It's my pleasure to share this short arty film by Benoit Millot with you. The film has English subtitles and reveals the various stages of linen production. It explains why European linen is superior to others and an eco-friendly, natural choice.

Oh, feel the passion of all linen lovers...

BE LINEN MOVIE from Linen and hemp community on Vimeo.

I will have more linen goodness to share with you soon.


Chris said...

Thanks for the post, I look forward to reading more!

Anonymous said...

hi Thea - happy new year. Have I spied two of your cushions in the Feb (current) issue of Aust House and Garden magazine? page 89. I know the front one is definitely yours, and I THINK the back one is too. The only credit I could see was from a shop called Bodhi Leaf. Hope all is well, have been on hols and am having a quiet moment now reading through some blogs. cheers, Catherine (from your last screen-printing class for 2010!).

Thea said...

Happy New Year Catherine! Yes, they are our fabrics that our stockist 'The Bodhi Leaf' has bought and made into both cushions. Another reader notified me about it too. It's a pity that we aren't credited as the designers but I will be blogging about it soon.

Sandrine said...

Merci Thea for that beautiful movie about "le Lin", I really enjoyed listening and learning a little more :) xx
Your new French inspired line is really nice too.
Take care, I hope the rain is not affecting you guys too much? Xx

Anonymous said...

Oh Thea: I am in love with this video! Absolutely stunning. It has such a textural, visceral feel and really very touching. I've run through it twice!
I would like to post on my blog, some time this week. Is that ok by you? I will give you FULL credit, and links, for introducing me to this.
And, of course, your fabrics are delicious. Wish I lived closer!

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