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Thursday, 6 January 2011

Dotty About Roses

Yesterday was not a good day. A lot goes wrong behind the scenes that I don't often share as I don't like to be negative here. Let's just say that it was fortunate that I was working alone as those responsible for the mishaps may have been seriously injured (by me). You know who you are.

Now back to being positive - I did several colour tests on the new linens (see previous post) but am still not 100% happy with the results. I did however print some samples of my new tea towel design - "Dotty About Roses", inspired by my love of cross-stitch.

This one is a very dark red mixed with a little black. I'm thinking of calling this shade 'Midnight Rose'. Do you like it on the natural?

I also printed a creme sample as it our most popular colour on natural linen. I should probably print a red version and am thinking of including pretty colourways like a pink and a light blue on white linen towels. I guess you won't know if you like them until you see samples.

The "Dotty About Roses" will soon be available as a fabric print too. I'm a little worried that the details may be lost when we print the yardage as they are quite fine and I was restricted by how many even-numbered rows (for repeat to work) fit across my screen. We'll see what happens when I test the screen today with my still intact printing partner.

Thanks to the readers who suggested a colour for the green linen (again see previous post). I did find a match on my Pantone guide that was called 'Gray Green' but that seemed too boring a name. The next closest match was 'Sage Green' and I like the sound of that.

In response to Amanda's question, the new fabrics do have a 'shot' look because of the 2-colour weave and this adds a wonderful depth to the texture.

The new linen fabrics are now available
for purchase on the website and at a new reduced price plus free shipping (with Australia). Swatches are available. Did I mention that the fabrics been sanforized? That's pre-washed and pre-shrunk without chemicals to you and me. Celebrations all around!


theoldboathouse said...

Hey Thea, Glad you are okay and no one was hurt! That sounds scary. I love the new prints. A red sounds great, but i would say that as red always does it for me ha. Cheers Katherine

Thea said...

I'm okay - just always have to fix problems that others create. That's the fun of being the boss :)

Kasik said...

Beautiful fabrics! I love the light beige or white rose, because it screams vintage and provencial to me! And cross stitching is my fave thing! I love stitching Crowns, simple ornaments and vintage looking mannequins.
Hope today's a better day for u xxx

Tina said...

Sorry you had a bad day Thea, but I must say you have such a lovely positive attitude to it all :) I LOVE your creme on natural linen 'dotty about roses'....gorgeous! I think I will have to write this into my budget for next month!! Wishing you a lovely Friday sweet Thea ~ Tina x

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