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Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Europeans Have Landed

The timing couldn't have been better for my first day back at work yesterday as our shipment of beautiful European natural linens arrived at our studio.

This is a huge relief as I had no idea what they would look like. It's true.

The fabrics are all a two-yarn weave which includes the natural colour in one direction and a 2nd colour chosen from these dyed thread samples. I could only imagine how they would turn out but I think they are perfect.

I am calling this one Dusty Pink (pink and flax fibres).

We have replicated the ever-popular Duckegg Blue linen (light blue and flax fibres).

Our new natural linen is one colour with the flax fibres woven in both directions and now perfectly matches our natural tea-towels.

This is a green/flax and I haven't decided what to call it yet. I will have to consult my Pantone colour chart today for ideas but I am also open to suggestions.

I will be listing these beauties on the website this evening and yes, they will be available for wholesale so please contact me.

I am off to the studio now to experiment with printing colours.

Update: these fabrics are now available for purchase on-line and at a new lower price!


Gifts of Serendipity said...

I can't wait to see what you create with these beauties Thea. My favourite would have to be the duckegg blue.

Felicity x

Amanda said...

Hi Thea,
Long time no hear from this end - although I read your blog daily.
That green shade looks a bit like lichen on my monitor. Does the differing warp/weft threads make these fabrics look a bit "shot"?
Am planning a beige/natural/black/ taupe/grey with a hint of greens quilt this year, so this could be a case of good timing for me too!
Health and happiness for you and your dearest in 2011, and keep up the great work.

Missymaomao said...

oh! very exciting, can't wait to see the post print shots.
Happy New Year. xx

Red Revival said...

Yay! They look great.

Bayside Rose said...

They look fabulous Thea. How exciting!

Wishing yo a very happy and productive New Year. Pam x

Anna Bartlett said...

So glad they looked how you wanted them. A good omen for the year!

Tracey said...

Oh ... they all look lovely! :)
I'm sure they'll be put to wonderful and creative use.

My suggestion for the green/flax would be 'lime wash'

Mamma Dawson said...

Just like Amanda said, I was going to suggest Lichen as the name of the green. It reminds me of walks in the woods in winter, coming across the great moose with its breath steaming the air, having a nibble of lichen off an old tamarack tree.

Anonymous said...

Hi: I just discovered your blog...and fabulous store...from Anabel at andsoIwhisper. This is wonderful, and I just subscribed in RSS. Look forward to visiting often....hope you will visit mine too. I haven't been too active lately as we moved in December: totally new state and part of the country. Am loving it here!

Thea said...

Thank you for your suggestions. Yes Amanda, the differing weft/warp threads do give it a 'shot' look that adds a wonderful depth to the texture. I will send you some swatches.

madeleine brown said...

happy new year, Thea!

Raine and Sage said...

Hi Thea,
I can see the Francophiles getting very excited about these. I love the blue and natural linen colours the best.
Enjoy your weekend! Sonia :)

julie said...

The linens are lovely. I love your French Stripe pattern too, simple and stylish.

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