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Thursday, 29 October 2009

Summer Stripes

Our Airlie Beach striped organic cotton canvas is now available for purchase in our on-line store.

Colours available are Sandy Beach, Lemon Sorbet and Deep Sea Blue. The Mushrooms cushion and others will be available at the Young Designers Market or on-line soon.

The Airlie Beach fabric is quite versatile and can be used with the stripes running vertically or horizontally depending on your project. And it is strong! I have been sitting on this Director's Chair at markets for the last 3 months. However, I can't guarantee the strength of your stitching if you aren't using an industrial machine and will not be held responsible for any falls!

The Airlie Beach organic canvas is the same fabric used for our Summer Days totes (see previous post).

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Get Ready for Summer!

I'm back! I am happy to have solved all my computer problems. I was smart enough to have backed all files onto an external hard drive so nothing was lost. If you don't do this, buy one tomorrow! Sooner or later, your computer WILL crash.

The next step was to steal Voyt's lap-top and to then ask computer whiz Chris Herford of Executive I.T. Connections to install all necessary design programmes for me. I highly recommend her services if you are in Brisbane.

I will be updating the website over the next couple of weeks as time permits with new products. Our Summer Days Tote bags are now in available in our on-line store. Made from our "Airlie Beach" 100% organic canvas hand-printed by us. 

The Deck Chair and Retro Bathers motifs were designed by Eleni Papadatos aka Curlyhead Design. When you work in the Thea & Sami studio, you are required to do everything including modelling. Luckily, Eleni got into the spirit of things and came prepared with sunnies and beach caftan. She even wore bronzer! I love a girl who is serious about her craft.

You can also see our products this Sunday at the Young Designers Market including fabric packs.

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Monday, 26 October 2009


I am not a happy vegemite. My lap top has finally died and I have not been able to blog or update my website. I also have some production issues to sort out. Why, oh why is good help so hard to find?   

On a brighter note, yesterday good friend Georgi Lewis and her good friend Paul Hagger volunteered their services to photograph some Thea & Sami homewares, including our new range of hand-printed cushions.  The photoshoot took place at Georgi's lovely Queenslander in East Brisbane.

I am visiting my friendly computer geek today so should be back in business asap to show you all what I have been up to. Thank you all for your patience.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jewellery and Ice Cream

Plastic Queen Liana Kabel is showing new jewellery designs at Movenpick Southbank (Brisbane) this Thursday. Ice cream fanatics, jewellery fanatics, actually fanatics of all kinds are invited to come along.

Liana is one of the orginal upcyclers of old plastic objects including knitting needles and tupperware. She explains that "With a Tupperware Lady mother and a Jeweller father what else was I going to be but a jeweller obsessed with plastic!"

Knitwit Stripey Bangles.

Knitwit Hoops earrings made from vintage knitting needles.

I love this Crinkle-Cut Bracelet - in aqua, one of my favourite colours. This is made from recycled Tupperware. Purchase from Liana Kabel's Etsy Store.

New floral brooch designs made from plastic scrap materials. Do you want to see more? Visit Liana's blog: Plastic Girl.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Hope and Wonder

A small but enthusiastic group of lovely ladies arrived at the Thea & Sami studio last Saturday for a creative day of screen-printing fun.

Nurse Tania Davidovic printed some groovy words to make Christmas cushions for friends.

Emma Gascoyne printed some lovely silhouettes including Alice in Wonderland and these stylish chairs. Emma is a fellow artisan that sells at the Young Designers Market each month, specialising in jewellery designs. Visit Up in Annie's Room to check out her creations and to see what became of Alice.

Ally Cooper loves horses as does her daughter. How cute is this pony? Also printed onto a t-shirt for her lucky girl.

Ally further experimented with printing the same image in 2 colours. The shadow effect below was achieved by printing the second colour in a different position.

Here is the last screen-printing class of 2009. Emma, Tania and Ally.

Never mind if you have missed out this year. We are planning an Open Studio day for Saturday, November 14 so please mark your diaries. The day will include fabric-printing demonstrations.

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Spring Cleaning

What did you do today? I enjoyed a day of domestic bliss and much-needed rest. Zoe had her overdue bath and a morning of grooming.

Tomorrow morning Zoe will be taken to the vet for her annual check-up and vaccinations. Don't be fooled by the innocent look; it is not a visit I am looking forward to.

Unfortunately, I will have to muzzle Zoe as she does not behave well around other dogs and has been known to bite the occasional vet. The diva is feisty!

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Saturday, 17 October 2009

The Other Skirt

This blog entry is dedicated to all the lovely people who emailed me when Premier Anna Bligh was seen wearing my Brisbane Skirt design recently. The occasion was the opening of the new Kurilpa Bridge. How appropriate for our state Premier to wear a (Story) Bridge skirt to open a bridge!

Not only is the new pedestrian bridge a stunning design but it also changes colour – on State of Origin nights it will be maroon, on Breast Cancer Awareness nights it will be pink and on St. Patrick's day it will be green. The photos are courtesy of the Premier's journal.

Limited stock of the Brisbane Skirt will be available at the Thea & Sami stall at the next Young Designers Market. Otherwise, the skirt is made-to-order in your choice of colours. Please contact me directly: thea[at]

July 2011 Update: The Brisbane Skirt is no longer available but you may purchase the print to frame as a screen-printed panel from Brisbane City. Other links in this post may also now be non-existent.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Lisa's Butterflies

You probably know by now that I love screen-printing in layers but I also love custom orders. So when the lovely Lisa Lange approached me with the request for a new corporate skirt, I immediately thought of printing the Butterflies over my Nature Will Prevail text print. The idea incorporates Lisa's branding of the Orange Monarch Butterfly but with a fresher approach than simply printing on orange fabric. This design was printed on white linen.

Lisa and I met at a women's networking function a couple of years ago and have been great friends ever since. We try to meet up for a monthly breakfast and one of our favourite spots is the Wicked Sisters Cafe at Hawthorne in Brisbane. I thoroughly recommend the vanilla porridge if you visit.

And what could be better than combining business with pleasure to personally delivering the goods to the happy customer?

Lisa's business Beautiful Baskets delivers gift baskets for all occasions. Each basket is personally put together by Lisa with hand-selected items and an emphasis on Australian-made. I love this Rise and Shine basket with morning tea delights. Lisa will also customise gift baskets for you and deliver Australia wide.

The Nature Will Prevail text design is now available in our on-line store in 3 colourways; olive, black or chocolate print. Choose from hemp/organic cotton or organic cotton.

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Monday, 12 October 2009

Fashion Rocks the Convent

Thea & Sami has been invited to participate in a Frugal Fashion Parade. You may be wondering what our organic garments have to do with being frugal? Surely, anything that can be worn for a long time and not categorized as disposable fashion, is frugal indeed.

The fashion parade is taking place on Sunday, 23rd October at lovely Benedict House in Queanbeyan, New South Wales. Please click here for more information on the fashion parade and the participants.

I love buildings with a history and Benedict House was originally built as a boarding school by the Good Samaritan Sisters. It has had a colourful history including having former Australian Prime Ministers, Ben Chifley named after it and Paul Keating as an owner in the 1980's.

You may be excited to know that the gallery not only sells lovely jewellery but also runs regular beading workshops so you can make you own masterpieces. These delicious images are borrowed from their website here.

Back to fashion, don't forget that Botanique is on tomorrow night although I believe they were close to being sold out.

Our Summer organic fashion collection is now in-store at Bliss Ecowear!

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Market Gallery

Udessi is fast becoming synonymous with the best in Australian Craft and Design. The on-line gallery has beautiful work for sale, hand-selected by owner and accomplished ceramic artist, Kim Wallace.

I was recently invited to join the good company so look out for a selection of Thea & Sami homewares, tote bags and fabrics to be listed on-line at Udessi soon. Meanwhile, you will be able to find our products at the Udessi market stall this Sunday at the Portside Boutique Markets. This frees up a lot of much-needed time for me so I won't be continuing with my own stall.

Kim (on the left) is joined by artist Renée Treml at Udessi's market stall last month.

'Vintage Lace' blue stoneware bowl by Kim Wallace. Above images courtesy of Udessi blog and website.

If you are visiting the markets this Sunday, check out regular Sharron Tancred who can be found painting one of her commissioned artworks. Sharron's business Works For Your House specialises in designing and creating unique art pieces to suit your home decor.

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Tuesday, 6 October 2009


In a previous life, I was a tea-towel but my clever owner Tania has transformed me into the loveliest apron.

It almost makes me want to cook and clean, the key word being almost. Visit Myrtle and Eunice for more pics.

Tania won the tea-towel as last month's lucky blog follower. This has reminded me that I have neglected to draw my lucky follower for this month. Follower No.122, come on down. Oh, that's you Margaret at Konstant Kaos. Thank you for following the Thea & Sami studio blog!

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Your Christmas Bird

Love Christmas? Check. Love embroidery? Check. Love natural linen? Check. Then you will love these adorable Christmas ornaments from little and big k's etsy store.

Creator Lisa Kingston recently purchase the natural linen from Thea & Sami and was kind enough to show me her wonderful creations when she was visiting the Young Designers Market last month. All the way from Hobart, Tasmania! Her whimsical drawings are adorable. I love the Christmas Rooster.

And of course the Christmas Dog and Cat.

And who says that a turtle can't be part of Christmas?

Speaking of ornaments, Anna Bartlett is looking for some crafty types to test-drive her screen-printed Angels softies kit.

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Beachy Prints

Yesterday was a day for playing with prints. I love screen-printing in layers and here are the results.

The deck chair and beach umbrella that I asked Eleni, aka Curlyhead Design, to draw for our new range of beach-inspired "Summer Days" totes. I haven't finished sewing the bags yet but will do so tonight in time for the Young Designers Market tomorrow. They are made of a sturdy organic cotton canvas and are washable.

It was Eleni's idea to design the retro bathers print. I couldn't decide between black or red so have done a few of each. Which do you prefer?

And with my current fish obsession, I had to print them over the stripes too. I am thinking summer deck cushions.

For you clever crafty types, I'm off to pack some fabric packs. If you're in Brisbane, I hope to see you tomorrow at Southbank!

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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Get Creative

How cute is this felt camera case? You can make one yourself. The instructions are available in the latest issue of Get Creative or on their website here.

Admittedly, I was not previously familiar with this magazine but I am loving my October issue.

I recommend the article on handmade home decor featuring wonderful talent such as Thea Samios with her lovely hand-printed linens and homewares.

In good company with Susan Wasinger author of Eco-Craft, featuring 30 eco-friendly projects for you home. The book's cover project shows you how to paint wine bottles for reuse as vases. This project is available for download through Susan's website here.

I have done the research for you and found that ordering this book from is cheaper than buying locally for Australian buyers. The exchange rate is favourable, even with the added shipping costs.

Get Creative magazine is available through Spotlight, Borders and selected newsagents.
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